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L’embarquement c’était un des plus désorganisés que j’ai vu. ", Points positifs : "Nothing at all" Points négatifs : "Uncomfortable, no entertainment, have to pay for everything, arrived late, bathroom smelled like pee", Points positifs : "All went well with no interference. ", Points négatifs : "Boarding at Orly airport was unorganized and cluttered. There was a short delay they kept us informed clearly and responsibly. After spending 4 days in Paris with all wine it was great to have an IPA on the flight. Compagnies, horaires et hall d'arrivée des vols à destination de Toulouse. Staff at ORY we’re noce and helpful (I had read negative reviews on them. Points négatifs : "Despite hold baggage was within allowed measures, it was sent as checked baggage (for free). Idéal pour les musiciens qui doivent transporter un instrument de moyenne ou petite taille avec eux. Les autres destinations les plus populaires sont La Canée (39%) et Sitia (4%). The seats were very tight and no comfortable. And when I realized that (also in line) I asked the Sky Serv employee who appeared as the supervisor, why are they not telling the people that so they can sit down, the answer was "we didn't tell them to stand up"!!! Un vol Paris Héraklion c’est aussi des plats typiques. The bin in which you have to fit your bag is smaller on Santorini. Went to their desk and no one was there. Vols d'aujourd'hui Liste de tous les vols de la journée 22/12/2020. Points négatifs : "See above", Points positifs : "We were sent to Kiwi booking to complete the ticket booking. Points négatifs : "Norwegian nickle and dimes everything seats, foods, luggage entertainment non existent", Points positifs : "We departed on time It was cheap to check a bag", Points positifs : "The flight was on time." En cliquant sur une offre, vous lancerez une recherche de vol Paris Chania (La Canée) à ces nouvelles dates. We missed our flight. They told us that they had just closed the opportunity to do this for free at the airport & we now had to pay the exorbitant fee or no boarding passes and no getting on the plane. Points négatifs : "Very unprofessional service from the lady that checked myself and my friend in. We witnessed a number of people who had done carry on from Athens to Santorini not be able to do carry on back. Points négatifs : "The seats werent the best and my seat didnt have a window. Vous pouvez aisément louer une voiture depuis l’aéroport. The check in process was tough but the representative was nice." Points négatifs : "L’équipage pourrait être un peu plus gentil. Seats are uncomfortable", Points positifs : "I liked how they played music" Points négatifs : "Paris airport is extremely passenger unfriendly. Also, they don't have any chance to change or re-schedule any flight. Points négatifs : "Honestly, I would consider myself well travelled but after this flight I wanted to rule out air travel from our future plans. ", Points positifs : "Crew were polite and efficient. Points négatifs : "Longue attente au moment de l'embarquement. If you are flying business with no luggage it's ok." Nous vous recommandons vivement d’effectuer une copie de tous vos documents (billet d’avion compris). In a nutshell, overpriced, and didn't get the seats on our boarding passes...", Points positifs : "price was great for our flight, otherwise it was like any other flight, nice attendants, nice clean plane, on time", Points négatifs : "Plane delayed for 2 hours. Trouvez des billets d’avion pas chers pour n’importe quelle destination de Crête depuis tous les aéroports de France. ", Points négatifs : "The fact that I was re routed that my flight from Paris was late and made me miss my connection. ", Points positifs : "Quick check in and no fuss", Points négatifs : "takeoff and landing weren’t very comfortable", Points positifs : "Because of the fire to the Notre Dame Cathedral, trains were not stopping on the route we needed to get to to the airport. Bought a new one with BA. Infos Vols, Horaires Avions Arrivées & Départs En Direct à Paris-CDG. A lovely, cheerful and friendly crew and a very pleasant pilot who clearly understands the importance of good communication. We talked ied WhatsApp Facebook tweeter. Points négatifs : "Boarding to international destinations still done with remote stands even under torrential rain. ", Points positifs : "Exactly as the title says. ", Points négatifs : "The boarding and bad experience at the departing gate was unprecedented!!! Héraklion, la ville principale de la Crète située avantageusement au milieu de cette île tout en longueur, La Canée, située à l'ouest de l'île, qui est une ville typique au charme incomparable. We found this out after waiting in line for over an hour. I will never ever use easyjet again. The whole experience has made me decide to never use them ever again. Au cours des 72 dernières heures, le billet d’avion le moins cher pour Crête depuis la France coûtait 39 € pour un aller simple et 85 € pour un aller-retour. I'm rarely a complainer, but this was event was inspiring. Then they made me pay 120 Euros and asked me to take the bag out to the plane. We were the only folks in business and when we landed had a private bus to the terminal. I felt unbearably sick but couldn't bring myself to get out of my seat. ", Points positifs : "Price, direct flight" Points négatifs : "Their were no entertainment options and the on time departures are continually a issue with Aegean. Trouvez des vols Istanbul (IST) - Paris (PAR) à prix réduit et réservez avec Trip.com pour remporter des cadeaux grâce à #Trip.com ! ", Points négatifs : "To check a bag is about $75 if you do it at airport. Réservez votre vol pas cher pour Héraklion en Crète avec Brussels Airlines. Si vous arrivez à l'aéroport d'Hérakion : l'aéroport "Nikos Kazantzakis" est situé à environ 5 kilomètres du centre-ville. Réservez votre vol pas cher pour Héraklion et atterrissez sur une île avec de nombreuses petites maisons blanches, de belles plages de sable et de galets, une flore exceptionnelle et une riche histoire! We then had to pay 38 pounds for absolutely nothing. I booked it online but in reality, it wasn't what was advertised. Vols pas chers pour Crete (LNK) Commencez vos recherches pour un vol pas cher pour Crete sur Expedia en choisissant une offre sur cette page ou bien en saisissant dans la barre de recherche vos dates de voyage, votre aéroport de départ et si vous voulez un vol aller-retour ou aller simple. The budgetness of the company can be annoying at times. ", Points positifs : "Too short of a flight for food and entertainment! À moins de 4 heures de vol sans escale de la capitale française, Héraklion est la capitale de la plus grande des îles grecques, la Crète. Et avion en retard. ", Points positifs : "Professionalism. It would be lovely to have a savoury option", Points négatifs : "Well,my whole trip was an adventure! But, to be fair, they do warn you in advance about this. Points négatifs : "Paying to check luggage was a surprise, typically flights allow at least one checked bag unless they are a discount airline like easy jet or Ryan air. Pour vous rendre à Rethymnon, le plus simple est de commander un transfert privé en taxi. Points négatifs : "No entertainment for 3 hours flight is boring. their staff all handle carry-on luggage discreetly even when slightly over sized ... Compliments to Volotea. I would like to be reimbursed. ", Points positifs : "Overall it was great, the fast boarding was efficient. Admis ou admissible, voici la liste des résultats disponibles par ordre alphabétique. Rude, irresponsible, talking back to customers when they dared ask them a question, not caring about anything let alone the comfort of the customers, or advising them of status of departure. ", Points négatifs : "Bag fees for 2 20KG bags were about as much as the ticket, not worth the cramped seats and lack of services. Points négatifs : "Seats not particularly comfortable after a trans Atlantic flight. As if this was not enough, when finally the plane came, people debarked, and plane was made ready to board, we were asked to board, only to stop us on the middle of the the boarding bridge and stand there for 15 minutes with no one to tell us anything, until a member of the plane crew came out to advise us of the delay and allow us to proceed to the plane. ", Points positifs : "On time departure, professional crew and comfortable seat for flight duration." There is no such thing as a Muslim meal either. Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed , no communication, no bus arrived at the gate to take us to the plane , no communication , no boarding process whatsoever , no communication , no apology offered , no in flight catering offered free or for purchase , a complete joke of a flight , my worst ever and I have flown all around the world including both poles ! Apparently Transavia has "Sky Serv" employees doing their departing gate work, and they are the worse I have encountered in my life. Recherchez sur des centaines de sites et trouvez des vols pour Crête. Thessalonique, deuxième ville de Grèce en termes de culture, commerce, industrie et économie, est une cité vibrante et débordante d’énergie, véritable portail vers l’Europe du Sud-Est. Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed by half an hour. When we contacted kiwi in the airport Kiwi even denied flight cancel. Offres de vol de Crète vers Paris. Trouvez les meilleures offres de vols de Paris vers Crète avec Jetcost ! ", Points positifs : "Great crew. Le prix affiché pour chaque vol correspondra au prix moyen par passager, y compris les enfants. Temps de vol. Encouraged to go to gate very early. I had 2 very small bags with me. Trouvez l'horaire de votre vol. They told us they would provide money for food, and the money they provided was only 4.5 euro, not enough to get a bag of chips. L’aéroport de Sitia est très pratique pour vos vols à l’intérieur de la Crète car celui-ci se concentre uniquement sur les vols domestiques, par le biais de la compagnie Aegean Airlines. -There are fees all over the place, it is a SCAM! There was no supervisor to talk to and no where to file complaints. Points négatifs : "Nothing. Regular updates." The representative from Transavia at airport provide absolutely no help. Points négatifs : "I could not make it for the 1st part of my journey due to personal circumstances. My instrument and all the passengers luggage fit with space to spare. Your so called Muslim meals are not suitable for kids!! Points négatifs : "Vegetarian. The service was all round horrible", Points positifs : "Cheap" They were over an hour late They they didn't even serve us a drink on the plane. ", Points négatifs : "Forced to throw our only bags into the hold and wait at the carousel for an hour afterward. Horaires et Statut des vols Terminal Orly 1-2-3-4 en direct. The self check in kiosks did not work at CDG airport. There is priority boarding available for those booked on connecting long haul premium economy flights." It took 3 full days for me to get my luggage. It’s simply called Halal otherwise then everyone else’s meals should be called Christian or Jewish meals etc. Voltea is even a worse version of Spirit Airlines", Points positifs : "I cancelled the trip because in reading the fine print, I found the cost of checking a single small bag almost as much as the cost of the flight itself. No water then stand on a hot bus for another 15 or 20. Wait in airport no seats then stand in a hot bus move to a hot plane and pay 2.50 for water long after flight started . Quick boarding and friendly staff." Très compréhensif et serviable, observant une politique vis-à-vis des bagages en cabine irréprochable. Volotea DID find and deliver the lost bag on the 7th day. Points négatifs : "Inappropriate behavior from the crew. ", Points positifs : "On time." Points négatifs : "Rien à signaler", Points positifs : "We were on business class and boarded directly from the lounge. The bag tag number was entered incorrectly numerous times with different agents over the phone as well as at the airport. 7 astuces pour trouver le bon vol Crète - Paris; Si vos dates sont flexibles, essayez donc de faire une recherche sur tout le mois pour les vols Crète - Paris; Informations utiles avant de réserver votre vol Crète - Paris. No complaints", Points positifs : "Everything in the plane felt new, crew was friendly, efficient. Not a huge deal. ", Points positifs : "Flight was pretty smooth" ", Points positifs : "Good crew" ", Points positifs : "Terrible experience. Le billet d’avion aller-retour le moins cher trouvé pour cette route dans les dernières 72 heures s’élève à 99 €. Surprised these crooks don't charge for air. Salad smelled moldy. I showed up to the airport everyday to see if it made it in finally it did on day 3. Trapped in te plane when they would clearly know that the destination airport would not receive the plane late because of the airport space limitations. ", Points positifs : "Very friendly and efficient cabin crew" Profitez de nos offres de vols, hôtels et location de voiture et découvrez une île exceptionnelle riche en histoire et beautés naturelles. Any longer would have been difficult. Points négatifs : "Flight was one hour late. M" From sub par USA style security lines to delays, poor boarding.... Gong show." RyanAir would have been able to fly us the same trip for that alone, with bags! ", Points positifs : "Volotea is a you get what you pay for service. There was a problem with my checked in bag, so i had to pay 22 pounds extra to fit it in a connection flight and now i have to send receipt to get the refund. Depuis Paris, Nantes ou Lyon, vos billets d'avions pour la Crète sur Transavia  vous mèneront sur l'une des plus belles destinations de la Méditerranée. Poor management from Volotea and very poor services from SACBO. ", Points négatifs : "I wasnt accomodated for my meal preference. Tried calling. En moyenne, vous pouvez vous attendre à ce que votre voyage dure environ 25 h 19 min. Secondly a mix up at the catering dept like labelling beef meal as chicken should never happen! Then when we were boarding, both of our seats were taken - the flight attendant said "Welcome to Italy". Points négatifs : "The bus from the plane to the airport. It's a scam on the Island. More importantly, the service was incredible, airport was beautiful, and transport was seamless. Kiwi also didn’t inform us. ", Points positifs : "The was not confortable" The flight was an hour and a half delayed. Points négatifs : "The Volotea website was very poorly run and thus, we accidentally booked the flight on the wrong date, due to the way the calendar was loaded on the site. Bien qu’un grand nombre de touristes transitent par Athènes, beaucoup de compagnies proposent des vols directs pour l’aéroport international d’Héraklion Nìkos Kazantsákis au départ des grandes villes. ", Points positifs : "Errrm...that we actually got to Palermo alive, that was nice." ", Points positifs : "Lufthansa take great care of their passengers, always" Points négatifs : "Terrible Connecto in Frankfurt We had to run for 15mn to get our Singapore flight with no help from Lufthansa: poor service", Points positifs : "-" Points négatifs : "They took me and my wife's carry on, that we had already stored in the over head cabins on 3 flights before this one and told me it was to big. L'UE+ comprend l'Union européenne, le Royaume-Uni, la Suisse, la Norvège, le Lichtenstein et l'Islande.Les ressortissants et les résidents d'Australie, d'Israël, du Japon, de Corée du Sud, de Nouvelle-Zélande, de Russie, du Rwanda, de Singapour, de Thaïlande, des Émirats arabes unis et d'Uruguay peuvent également entrer dans le pays.Ceux qui arrivent des EAU doivent voyager sur un vol direct et devront fournir une preuve de résidence permanente aux EAU, des billets aller-retour et des réservations d'hôtel.Les voyageurs étrangers ne peuvent pas arriver d'autres régions à moins qu'ils n'appartiennent à une catégorie essentielle telle que les professionnels de la santé, les étudiants, les membres du gouvernement, les diplomates, le personnel militaire, les travailleurs humanitaires, les équipages des compagnies aériennes, les travailleurs saisonniers, les voyageurs en transit ou les voyageurs entrant en Grèce pour des raisons autorisé par l'ambassade ou le consulat grec. Vols à Bas Prix au Départ de Paris vers Héraklion dans les 90 prochains jours. 8h45 Depuis Paris. Points négatifs : "Volotea is a low cost airline that charges for early seat assignments, printing boarding passes, luggage and drinks on the flight. ", Points positifs : "Lines and delays and shuttles and more delays. Very disappointing. At the kiosk they charged us double to check our bags because that's just how that works, even though their website ate our credit card information and didn't give us an ability to pay for luggage before check in online. AGENDA (FESTIVALS, FÊTES) Juillet : Festival du Vin. I am very impressed with this level of service experienced and the spaciousness of the airplane. we had a piece of luggage for two. we would have to pay 50 euros. All smiles" Concernant le temps de vol, il est d'environ 3h30 aussi bien pour un vol direct Paris La Canée que pour un vol Paris Heraklion. L’équipage très sympathique et souriante. ", Points positifs : "Personnel courtois, professionnel et aimable. I had to pay $1100 on another airline to fly home tomorrow. There was no food, no entertainment, and definitely no entertainment. But that was my only gripe but that can’t be helped. Security at Bristol was fairly quick. Seats were not comfortable at all and mine even had a huge tear in it so it just bugged my back side the entire flight. Points négatifs : "Boarding had no clear order. Le vol direct c'est : plus de vacances moins de stress moins de fatigue moins de retard. Just like the banks...a fee here, a free there will add to the profit bottom line without providing any additional value for the customer. A Paris-Orly, si vous venez récupérer un proche, orientez-vous vers la zone Arrivées Minute à Orly 3, parking P3 au niveau -2. Le décalage horaire entre la ville d'Héraklion et Paris est de + 1 heure en toute saison. ", Points positifs : "Flight was on time" I’m not an overweight person at all. Just told us to WhatsApp Transavia. Something salty would probably be more appreciated and enjoyed at that moment. Climatologie de la ville d'Héraklion. ", Points positifs : "Everything was fine apart from the delay in flying out. Thank you! We left on time and arrived early. ", Points négatifs : "the app is that that great, it gets stook. Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points négatifs : "Couldn't easily buy checked baggage beforehand so had to pay at the check in counter. Le vol ayant l'origine et la destination sélectionnées n'est pas opéré à la date indiquée. We were 9 passengers all together and it would have been a lot easier if she would have called the driver to pick us up. In the end flights can’t be rescheduled we had to book new flights ourselves and find hotel to stay. Some entertainment options would be nice...", Points positifs : "The speed of the que was not to bad" ", Points positifs : "Travel is good and comfortable" No information about delay compensation or refunds being given. Points négatifs : "My luggage was lost and still has not been located. ", Points positifs : "Ground crew and cabin crew were very helpful and efficient", Points positifs : "The crew was nice, friendly and helpful." ", Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed over 3.5 hours, and the employees were unable to explain the cause of the delay. For many of us, this was a the second, late-night connecting flight, after many hours of traveling. Points négatifs : "Instant coffee! Pour trouver le billet d'avion Paris Chania (La Canée) le moins cher, naviguez dans le calendrier pour voir des alternatives de dates et de prix trouvés ces 3 derniers jours. Points négatifs : "Nothing not to like. Horaires et Statut des Vols Aéroport Roissy-Charles de Gaulle. ", Points positifs : "Cabin crew professional, efficient and pleasant. Sachez que la Carte Européenne d'Assurance Maladie, que vous pouvez demander gratuitement et sans formalités particulière sur Ameli, vous rendra peut-être service... au cas où. we felt robbed because we had no informations about charges of suitcases. ", Points positifs : "Everyone was happy trip went great price aircraft clean crew nice! ", Points positifs : "minimum fuss from beginning to end, and no bombarding by emails. 6 hours delay." If they would have checked it in that would have saved 15 minutes easily", Points positifs : "Cree was fantastic from check in to boarding" ", Points négatifs : "There was a half hour delay, but they they did their utmost to redress this, and we landed just 15 behind schedule. A more cohesive flight change would have been better. Very unpleasant experience. Réservez des vols à destination de Crète au meilleur moment. Points négatifs : "Having more entertaiment", Points positifs : "On time" Points négatifs : "Slow boarding at plane, seats are not reclining. Cancellation was accepted but took some effort to do it. GR : il y a 36 581 cas actifs de COVID-19 diagnostiqués et 4 507 décès en date du 26 déc. ", Points positifs : "Embarquement à l’heure Personnel agréable Petite douceur offerte juste après le décollage", Points positifs : "Vol à l’heure, très efficace et personnel très aimable", Points négatifs : "I wish the announcements made in English were easier to understand", Points positifs : "- Crew service was pleasant" Cherchez un vol pour Aéroport de Paris-Orly sur KAYAK. Sièges confortables. ", Points positifs : "Arrived with enough time for me to connect to my international flight." Très compréhensif et serviable, observant une politique vis-à-vis des bagages en cabine irréprochable. Points négatifs : "Flight crew was not happy and they didn't even pretend to be. She also wasn't too friendly either. So they charged me 120 Euros extra for nothing and only did this once they saw my American Passport. "You paid for 1 bag, you will have to pay. ", Points positifs : "Everything was fine, even above expected for low cost airline. ", Points négatifs : "Free tea & coffee would be ideal", Points négatifs : "Arrivato con 43’ di ritardo da sommarsi 15’ per scala e autobus non presenti . Vous adorerez la Crète ! Avant d’effectuer votre vol à destination de la Crète, assurez-vous d’avoir en votre possession votre passeport ou votre carte nationale d’identité en cours de validité. ", Points positifs : "It was a very nice, standard flight. Points négatifs : "They were vague about the security procedures. Certaines difficultés rencontrées avec le site internet faisaient en sorte que la procédure pour obtenir la carte d'embarquement prenait légèrement plus de temps.

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