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Another notable example involves a plan to pretend to be a reaper to infiltrate Mount Weather. In Demons, Octavia, Clarke, Jasper, Raven, Sinclair, Bellamy, and Monty return to Arkadia. He returns to the cave and is about to unlock Octavia's chains when she knocks him out with a rock. Octavia and Lincoln may be parted on this earth, but Lincoln takes her love for him and his love for her with him to whatever afterlife awaits. Family He hadn’t uttered a syllable before then, and we were starting to believe he didn’t fully understand the language of the Sky People. Featuring 100 milestone documents of American history from the National Archives. The next morning, Octavia escapes his cave and is running through the woods belonging to the Grounders. The three arrange a meeting between his leader (Anya) and Clarke. He later was captured by the Mountain Men, and forced to become a Reaper, but with Delinquents and Octavia's assistance, he was rescued and overcame his addiction to RED, the drug used to create the Reapers. We certainly do hope they will meet again, maybe not in this world, but in the next. Title/Alias Impossible qu'il ait pu être d'accord avec un plan pareil. " In Wanheda (Part 1), three months after the events at Mount Weather, Lincoln lives in Arkadia where he is engaged with Bellamy in a melee combat demonstration while a group of people, including Monroe and Harper, watch. Abraham Lincoln. When Gillmer goes to restrain he beats him to the ground and Lincoln is placed in lock-up with the sick Grounders. Bellamy then says that the Trikru are the same as the Ice Nation which greatly upsets Lincoln. The warriors will. Lincoln has had some truly inspiring lines on The 100 across the first few seasons. When Lincoln attacks the shooter, the shooter uses a tone generator to incapacitate him and holds Lincoln hostage with a knife while pointing a gun at Clarke. Lincoln has brown skin, brown eyes, and a shaved head. Those citations have … She is a warrior through and through, and can protect as effectively as himself. Lincoln tells Clarke to let the man kill him and then shoot the Mountain Man because her people need her. Because of Octavia, his clan now thinks he is a traitor so he is leaving. Seasons Ils seront qu'on est là. A Reaper raiding party appears, however, and Lincoln quickly grabs Bellamy, strips him of his clothes, and uses him as a prisoner to keep their ploy from being discovered. 70 Abraham Lincoln Quotes 1. Bellamy later brings Octavia Lincoln's body so she can give him a proper Trikru farewell alongside Sinclair who was murdered by Cage Emerson. The 100_Lincoln The 100_Ontari The 100_Octavia The 100_Raven The 100_Octavia The 100_Jaha The 100_Clarke The 100_Jaha The 100_Bellamy The 100_Emori ... fan de séries et de films alors je te conseille ce recueil de citations. Octavia thinks they are using Lincoln and tells him she doesn’t want them to live with the Skaikru and wants them to go far away to Luna’s clan. In Coup de Grâce, Octavia tells Clarke that she is worried about Lincoln because he should be back from the mines by now. Language: Materials in English Access: Records are open for research Use: Refer to Archives Reading Room Guidelines Notes: Citation Style: ―Weldon Petz Abraham Lincoln Collection,‖ Record Group 22, Archives, Plymouth Historical Museum When the Grounders are pinned down by the Mountain Men and are unable to detonate the charge at the door, Lincoln shoots a flaming arrow at the charge, setting it off. He is shot by an arrow in his side and Clarke assists him with his injury. Octavia sees the flower but ends up being the one to find Murphy. In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), he listens as Lexa and Clarke explain the plan to break into Mount Weather. She realizes that the Grounders have been trying to bring back Reapers and failing and sees it as a possible way to stop Lexa from ordering the attack on Camp Jaha. Teacher and student relationships are a plague to teen dramas, Are the Marvel movies real cinema? Abby, Jackson, and Lincoln come running to the gates of Arkadia as Octavia, Miller, and Raven bring back the injured Jasper. When Finn takes his horn, Lincoln stabs Finn in the chest. Lincoln wins the fight and tells them that Bellamy was too aggressive and that is why he lost. Lincoln is seen in medical getting stitches on his head wound where he emphasizes that he won't be pressing charges. Between March 19 and May 18, Nebraska State Troopers issued 204 speeding citations for drivers traveling at more than 100 miles per hour. When they stumble upon a Reaper dinner party in the mines, Lincoln gets their attention by killing one and then he leads the rest of the reapers away down a tunnel so Clarke and Finn can safely traverse through another tunnel that leads to the camp. In his youth, he saw a small dropship come to Earth from The Ark. Occupation When they discover that they can't get to safety or help the injured while the sniper is still shooting, Lincoln goes to stop him. December 20, 2018 ugur The 100 1. Later, Lincoln agrees to take Bellamy through the Reaper tunnels and into Mount Weather. Before Pike kills him, he tells Lincoln that is people will be cared for. In Hakeldama, Lincoln is first seen angry at Bellamy for killing the army sent to protect them. Later, Marcus Kane and Abby are talking with Octavia and Lincoln again and ask if Lexa would be willing to accept a deal where the Sky People put Finn on trial instead. In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), he is tied to a tree in a grounder camp. Recognizing the monster that she has become, Octavia stops Blodreina from killing Pike. He goes out to the forest where she sleeps and brings her a blanket, placing it over her before lying down behind her and wrapping her in his arms. He removes the arrow from her leg, only to discover that the tip was poisoned and so was Octavia. Octavia stops him and tells him that Bellamy successfully made it into Mount Weather. Source. 2- Octavia: The warrior doesn’t mourn the dead until the war is over. Season 2, episode 8, “Spacewalker,” was a meaningful episode for Lincoln, as he tried to explain the traditions of his culture to Skaikru. A faded drawing of Abraham Lincoln on Lincoln's cave wall. He catches sight of Octavia in the distance and tells her "meibi oso na hit choda op nodotaim" (may we meet again), before Pike shoots him the head, killing him instantly. MI Traffic Ticket Fines and Penalties . Abraham Lincoln reste dans les mémoires comme un des plus grands présidents américains et une des personnalités les plus influentes de tous les temps. The Grounder The Reaper Linkon kom Trikru Brother (by Nyko) Abby tells him they can't do it but he argues with her that they need to do it to save Nyko's life. ... Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) Président des Etats-Unis de 1860 à 1865. 99 Followers. He tells her she is getting better and they kiss and have sex. Related Authors. Twilight's Last Gleaming Nyko has lost a lot of blood and they bring him to Medical. Lincoln was a warrior from the Woods Clan. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Lincoln is furious since some of them are too sick to even walk or move. Lincoln is a creative problem solver who engages in thinking in the long term. In an attempt get him back, Octavia abducts Nyko and uses him to swap for Lincoln as Nyko is the clan's only healer. He has a lean muscular build and has tribal tattoos on his head, back, chest, and arms. It only includes writings by Lincoln, and omits incoming correspondence. In Bodyguard of Lies, Octavia is supposed to be on a scouting mission with Lincoln when Ryder tells her to go stand watch instead. No matter where you are in your viewing of The 100, Lincoln has always been a force, and his lines have usually reflected that. After Lincoln is tied up for not wanting to retreat with the Grounders when Lexa called a truce with the Mountain Men, Indra leaves him a knife so he can free himself and find Octavia. Significant Kills 2. 5.0.03 Recognize the contributions of individuals and people of various ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic groups to the development of civilizations. Affiliation Harper keeps in radio contact with Octavia and informs her that the exit is not clear, luckily Monty creates a diversion for the guards so the prisoners can escape. Nyko shows up as Lincoln's condition is getting worse and Octavia brings him to the drop ship to help Lincoln. He breaks it off, saying it is only a scratch and tells the delinquents to keep running till they get back to their camp. His non-conformist views drove him to betray Trikru to help the Delinquents on multiple occasions and disobeying orders in favor of morality and altruism. Continue reading this page for information about traffic tickets in Michigan. She then hits him, saying that he either needs to get up and fight or "crawl away and die alone like a coward." Lincoln was still supposed to survive the season but the show-runner, Jason Rothenberg, decided to kill him off instead. When Gustus is poisoned at the alliance banquet, all the grounders lock up the Sky People to determine who it was, including Lincoln, whom Indra says is one of the Sky People now. In We Are Grounders (Part 2), Finn shows up at Lincoln's cave, looking for medicine for an injured Raven. In Contents Under Pressure, Lincoln is carried into the drop ship by Bellamy and two other Delinquents. He brought the man food and water for three days before finally telling his father. As long as blacks continue to live with the whites they constitute a threat to the national life. Portrayal In His Sister's Keeper, Lincoln brings Octavia back to his cave and proceeds to seal her leg wound shut and leaves again. After Lexa betrays Clarke and the Sky People, Lincoln tries to intervene but Lexa has Lincoln apprehended. She agrees, but first, she has to warn the delinquents of the impending attack. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be … While she's pushing the arrow through, Finn asks him why he is helping the delinquents. In Fallen, when the resistance enters the cave Bellamy asks where Lincoln is. He was portrayed by starring cast member Ricky Whittle and debuted in "Twilight's Last Gleaming". Pike points the gun at Lincoln's head and shoots him, killing him. Unnamed fatherOctavia Blake (girlfriend) Clarke calms her by telling her that he and Bellamy are going to be all right. When Bellamy arrives at the cell, Sinclair requests immunity as the chief engineer and begins to pretend to Bellamy of their plan. Pike ordered his execution, as well as Kane's and Sinclair's. Lincoln had just barely escaped the Reapers and Finn takes Bellamy's idea of using the Reapers to help them fight the Grounders. In Inclement Weather, Lincoln is captured by Indra and the rest of his clan in revenge for him betraying his clan. Lincoln is sorted into the Cerberus Project, In Reapercussions, Octavia offers herself as bait to help Indra and the rest of Lincoln's clan to get the reapers who took Lincoln and Nyko. In Remember Me, Lincoln travels with the Sky People on their journey to Tondc to finalize their alliance with the Grounders. They spot Nyko on horseback, badly injured. Shot in the head Charles Pike: After turning himself in, Lincoln is brought outside Arkadia by guards for his execution. However, the prisoners hide under the floorboards which gives time for the guards to be drugged and for Octavia, Miller, and Abby to get into the room. Pike asks him if he has any last words but Lincoln says "not for you". In Many Happy Returns, Octavia blows Lincoln's Acid Foghorn in order to call off a Grounder attack on some of the Delinquents. Unnamed Sky PersonCage Wallace Posted on novembre 14, 2020; PAC; The great point is to bring them the real facts. She captured Lincoln for helping the enemy (Octavia) while their clan was weak. The 100 saison 3 : Il nous a quitté. He is tied up and brutally interrogated even as Octavia Blake tries to stop it from happening. As he is leaving, he turns back and kisses Octavia passionately before sneaking out of the drop ship. Later, after the disease is sweeping through the camp, Clarke sends her to Lincoln to find out if there is a cure. Cage tries to control him with his tone generator and brings out a dose of the Reaper drug but Lincoln fights through the high frequency and slices Cage's hand off. After Lincoln's execution by Charles Pike, Octavia kills Pike in revenge at the first chance she gets. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong. A California Christmas is officially getting a sequel! When Octavia gets angry that Lincoln is injured, Indra states that Lincoln should be dead, implying that they would have finished the "death by a thousand cuts" punishment for Lincoln since he had betrayed his clan. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. He found a badly injured man inside but because he couldn't speak English yet, he couldn't ask the man what was wrong. As we peeled the layers to Lincoln back, we learned that he was not only not a monster, but was the most reasonable foe-turned-friend the 100 could have hoped for. Hearing Lincoln mutter this phrase in season 2, episode 13, “Resurrection,” we added yet another amazing phrase to our Trigedasleng phrasebook. And he doesn’t even truly know what those words mean yet. Lincoln is glad to see that she is one of the "strong ones" and did not contract the fever. Even under great stress, such as being tortured, finding out his village was attacked, being chased by reapers and attacked without provocation, Lincoln does not express any emotion. As Pike pulls a gun out to kill Lincoln with. At Mount Weather, Lincoln, Abby, and Jackson are rushing Nyko to the medical area. Lincoln tells Nyko that taking him to the Mountain was the only way to save him. One of Pike's followers, Shawn Gillmer, throws a rock at Lincoln's head, telling him he doesn't belong. Status This all leads to Bellamy torturing Lincoln in order to extract information on the Grounders and on how to save Finn. As part of these hallucinations, she witnesses Blodreina about to execute Charles Pike as she once did to avenge Lincoln. Ex. He has had some truly beautiful scenes and incredibly poignant moments throughout The 100‘s run so far. How to Cite the Collection. He is also accepted back by Indra after she had previously called him traitor and a Reaper, refusing his help with her injuries from the missile and the sniper. It’s hard for Skaikru to consider handing Finn over to Trikru to be sacrificed, but he tries desperately to show them the mercy in his sacrifice. Lincoln was a major character in the second and third seasons, after initially appearing as a recurring character in the first season. Abby lets Jasper go as long as he promises to come back in the morning. Age Octavia comments that he can still speak it at least. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand, and most luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. Jasper tells her it's ok to break down but Octavia tells him that "a warrior doesn't mourn her losses until the war is over." Eventually in We Are Grounders (Part 2), Bellamy sees him as an ally and allows him to take Octavia to safety in order to save her from her arrow wound. View the list Never apologize for showing feeling. Later that day in the medical, Pike arrests the sick grounders since they are a liability. Bellamy and Lincoln at first meeting have a hostile relationship as Bellamy thought that Lincoln had kidnapped his sister. Bellamy also suspects that Lincoln has taken a liking to Octavia after seeing sketches of her in his journal. This is probably one of the most incredible quotes the show has produced thus far. After he is captured by Reapers, Octavia does not give up hope of finding him, finally succeeding in Fog of War. ... Abraham Lincoln Quotes. He tells Lincoln that Octavia will eventually understand. Ann Arbor Michigan Traffic Violations Ann Arbor Michigan oversees traffic violations primarily through Ann Arbor Michigan District Courts. Lincoln est né sur Terreet était un guerrier du peuple des arbres. The two hug. Jackson types him and it comes up Rhnull. Lincoln His final words in season 3, episode 9, “Stealing Fire,” are for no one other than the woman that stole his heart from the moment he laid eyes on her. "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Afterward, as Lincoln helps Octavia back out of his cave, Finn suddenly appears, brandishing the blade that Lincoln had stabbed him with. “Abraham Lincoln: 100 Influential Quotes of My Life”, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 157 Copy quote. He also asks Octavia to run away with him across the sea to another clan that would take them both in. Cause of Death Killed By The pair develop romantic feelings, and Lincoln helped the Delinquents multiple times, causing him to be viewed as a traitor to his people. Cage Wallace arrives and begins injecting him with some sort of red drug while using a device that emits a loud tone during the drug's harsh onset and also while they're electrocuting Lincoln. Acquisition: The Weldon Petz Abraham Lincoln Collection records were deposited in the archives in 1999. He is brought outside to a puddle of mud and forced to kneel in it as a gun is aimed at his head. In Human Trials, Lincoln is strapped down to a gurney in a small room at Mount Weather. Lincoln first met Octavia Blake when she had been injured after falling from a steep hill. ... Lincoln High School. Lincoln approaches Octavia where she is brushing down her horse, Helios, and asks how they are doing in Trigedasleng. When you drive in Ann Arbor Michigan and are issued a ticket for a traffic violation, the law enforcement officer will provide you with a citation containing the necessary information on how to resolve the traffic violation. In Resurrection, Octavia and Lincoln come under fire from a sniper from Mount Weather who helped set the location for the missile. He then goes after Bellamy and is about to stab him in the neck when Octavia distracts him, allowing Jasper to knock him out again. Savage, W. Sherman. He took care of her injuries and he saved her from being found by the other grounders and she thanked him for his help. Himself(Sacrifice): While Lincoln is escaping with Kane and Octavia. Lincoln carries a book, which he uses to document what he sees and make maps. "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." Home / Guides / Citation Guides / How to Cite Sources / How to Cite a TV Show or Movie in APA, MLA or Chicago. Lincoln then goes and surrenders himself to Pike. I distrust the wisdom if not the sincerity of friends who would hold my hands while my enemies stab me. First Appearance In The 48, Lincoln is taking care of an injured Octavia by a river, teaching her the Grounder language to pass as a grounder when they get to the sea. Later, at the front entrance of Mount Weather as they attempt to break in, David Miller starts to get nervous. In many different times throughout the first two seasons, Lincoln can be seen as a monster, particularly by those who don’t understand his motives. Nyko thanks Abby for saving his life. We all have a side of us that can be ruthless and cutting, and we are responsible for whatever may happen when we lose control of the monster and let it out. Indra is Lincoln's chief. Octavia, however, constructs a plan to free him. Octavia reveals that Pike shot him in the head before she proceeds to beat up her brother. Il lui apporta de l'eau et de la nourriture pendant trois jours, avant de finalement le dire à son père qui l'obligea à tuer l'homme. He acquired only enough literacy to sign his name but gained modest prosperity as a carpenter and farmer on the Kentucky frontier. Lincoln tells him he is Trikru and Bellamy tells everyone that they can make the uniform mean something different down here than it meant up on the Ark. As an arrow flies toward Octavia, Lincoln shields her and is hit in the shoulder with it. Lincoln tells him to stay put and do it for his son. Clarke figures out that Nyko is actually trying to mercy-kill Lincoln and stops him. Lincoln tells them it's not possible because Finn killed innocent people and they're already lucky because if it were up to Indra, all of the Sky People would be dead. Lincoln is a non-conformist, who always questioned the ways of Trikru as he grew up and is willing to risk his own life to do what's right, even if it's against the traditions of his people. After they escape Lincoln, they come to the conclusion that Lincoln has become a Reaper. He brought the man food and water for three days before finally telling his father. Octavia enters medical and tells Lincoln that now that the kill order is lifted they can finally leave. Before his death, Lincoln whispers to Octavia, who devastatingly watches from afar, "Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim", which means "May we meet again" in Trigedasleng. He says he didn't understand the man but tried to help him. Our republican system was meant for a homogeneous people. Lincoln, however, refuses saying the only way the Farm Station survivors will see him as different than other Grounders is if he stays. She continues tending to his wounds and they talk about the relationship between the Delinquents and him. Once outside, though, Finn sees him and the two stare at each other briefly before Finn gestures for him to leave the camp. Octavia begs for Lincoln to leave with her but he tells her he can't let the grounders die. Jackson suggests using Mount Weather's medical facility because they have the equipment needed for a blood transfusion to save Nyko. Lincoln was then made to kill the man by his father and was told that the world has always been trying to turn him into a monster. Cite this Page: Citation. As a result, when Levitt sees Octavia's memory of killing Charles Pike in revenge, he cheers. Octavia tries to stop Lincoln from turning himself in, but Lincoln refuses and hits Octavia with a reaper stick so she can't stop him. Lincoln stops breathing again when the grounders arrive, causing Octavia to believe him dead. In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Lincoln again picks Octavia over the Grounders and risks the alliance between the Mountain Men and the Grounders in order to go after Octavia at Mount Weather. Earth His Cave (former)Arkadia (former) Retour au blog de Citation-The100. Three days after finding him, he told his father about him and his father made him kill the man. Lincoln states he is the enemy and that it's dangerous for them to speak to one another. 10 horror shows to replace the ‘Hannibal’ hole in your stomach, Critics are wrong – ‘Justice League’ doesn’t mistreat Wonder Woman, On ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender,’ invisible illnesses, LGBT representation, and the importance of Shiro, Ranking the Harry Potter movies’ worst sins from ridiculous to unforgivable, Sora and Kairi’s relationship shelves the Princess of Heart. Cite this Page: Citation; 1141 Quotes. In his youth, he saw a small dropship come to earth from The Ark. Bellamy tells him he can’t because of Lexa’s kill order on his head. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After Raven Reyes begins to electrocute him, Octavia intervenes and cuts herself with the poisonous knife because she knows he won't let her die. Sex and the City could be the next HBO hit title to get the reboot treatment. - … Indra continues to view Lincoln as a traitor to his people, even when he digs her out of the rubble after the Tondc bombing and carries her to safety when she is hit by the sniper. Lincoln warns her that it might start to look like the Skaikru are colonizing the Mountain, which would break the truce. A guard shouts from the walls that there is a "fighter" approaching, disrupting them. Octavia asks what would happen to him and Lincoln tells them that because Finn killed 18, he will suffer 18 deaths as a result. According to Indra, Lincoln has always questioned the ways of Trikru. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. He states there is no cure and that Anya uses the virus to weaken their opponents and she's planning to attack the delinquents at dawn. During Finn's cremation, Lincoln translates the words of Lexa when she is speaking the ritual for the burning. Peaceful Bullets Ballots. He generally speaks when spoken to, and even then, he tends to speak as little as possible, choosing to be concise and direct. In Welcome to Bardo, when Levitt scans Octavia's memories with the Disciples' Memory Capture device, Lincoln is amongst the memories shown. He awakens to see that the delinquents had followed him back to his cave and were now planning to kill him, but Octavia defends him. Harper comes over with a bag for Lincoln and inside is a Guard's jacket that the Council wants him to have. Initially, the Civil War between North and South was fought by the North to prevent the secession of the Southern states and preserve the Union. Abby agrees to it. When they are in the tunnel, the two discuss the plan to infiltrate and Lincoln again says he doesn't think he can do it. In Day Trip, when he is visited by Octavia again, he reveals to her that his name is Lincoln. Later, Octavia reveals to Bellamy that once the kill order is lifted off Lincoln, they will finally be able to leave. Ford Motor Company, commonly known as Ford, is an American multinational automaker that has its main headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. ‘Cards Against Muggles’ review: A party must-have for Harry Potter fans! Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Barack Obama, George Washington, Harry S Truman. Lincoln no longer wears the guard jacket as he enters his and Octavia’s room in Arkadia but Octavia is not there. 100 citations célèbres en anglais pour faire bonne impression dans une discussion. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, CW Actor Ricky Whittle Claims He Left ‘The 100’ Because Of Bullying, Ricky Whittle Says the Creator Bullied Him Off the Show,,,, Lincoln has a collection of books in his cave including drawings of the Earth and the environment. Octavia is worried because of the Kill Order on Lincoln and they start heading toward the wall. In Watch the Thrones, Lincoln is at the Mount Weather memorial when Pike's followers are panicking about the Grounder army that is outside the wall. No matter where you are in your viewing of The 100, Lincoln has always been a force, and his lines have usually reflected that. In Terms and Conditions, Jacapo Sinclair arrives in lock-up he tells Lincoln to get ready for Kane's plan. After Charles Pike became Arkadia's new Chancellor, Lincoln was placed into lockup, as Pike saw all Grounders as enemies to the Sky People. … He is still restrained because he feels he is still a danger to others. Love is the chain to lock a child to its parent. Lincoln later returns to Camp Jaha along with Octavia and the rest of the Sky People who escaped Mount Weather. Raven limps off to take care of her horse on her own. ‘The Wilds’ renewed for season 2 at Amazon Prime Video, Zooey Deschanel gets mistaken for Katy Perry in Perry’s new music video, ‘Sing 2’ adds Bono, Halsey, Pharrell to star-studded cast. While camping for the night, Indra mutters "natrona" (traitor) to him, much to Lincoln's displeasure. He drew a couple of pictures of the drop ship and has been keeping track of the Delinquents and their fatalities. Being both moral and rational, he seeks peace among his own people and the Sky People in spite of previous armed conflicts that have taken place and soured relations, which shows that he is a visionary who understands what needs to be done to ensure long-term prosperity. Abigail Griffin asks Lincoln how to negotiate with Lexa in order to save Finn but he says there is no way out of it and Finn must die. I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. Quoting Lincoln: All his greatest lines on ‘The 100’. We have no doubt that generations from now, Trikru children will be reminded of the sacrifices Lincoln made in the name of his tribe’s survival. Octavia walks over to help and he allows her to clean up his wounds. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Nyko tells him it was the Ice Nation. Later, at the bridge where the meeting is taking place, Lincoln stands beside Octavia and Finn. He smears blood on his face along with limestone to enhance his Reaper disguise. Jackson tells Abby that opening up Mount Weather could do a lot of good for both the Sky People and Trikru. Later, Octavia gives Nathan Miller, his guard, hallucinogenic nuts to help Lincoln escape. Portrayed by After Lincoln returns from killing the sniper, Indra welcomes him back with a handshake and a hug. Bellamy goes to leave for a mapping mission of Sector 7, which Lincoln says puts them on the Ice Nation border and asks to go along. This shows he has been scouting for, He drew the river monster and a nuclear explosion, There is a picture of the river serpent that attacked. Lincoln wants to move Nyko from the Mountain because of all the death the Mountain caused. 1- Octavia: The farmers won’t save the world, Monty.

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